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Have you ever seen a guy that you know controlling their girlfriend to a point that completely changes the girl into someone you don’t know anymore? The girl is usually skeptical to do certain things, or they may appear to be lacking their usual independence. This type of control that destroys women is called coercive control.

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“Impossible!” would shout the average person who has attended an eastern European wedding. Alcohol is so intertwined with the cultural traditions of Slavs that a dry wedding would be hard to imagine but not for Priest Włdysław Zązel who is the leading figure of the movement “Wedding of the Weddings”.

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Have you ever stopped and wondered about those homeless people that you see on the side of the road with signs, or maybe picking through garbage? They all have a reason for how they got there. This article shows the correlations between substance abuse and homelessness. It also shows how these both are affected by income, human capital, mental health, and social support.

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Briana Jones

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I discuss how Colorado and Washington made the new laws for legalization of marijuana and what the new laws consist of. I also talk about the authors main point in her article.

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In 2013 Sports Illustrated asked more than 23,000 people what they thought of the future of gays in sports. The purpose of this magazine article was to display the tolerance levels of gays in sports, and to show how these sports are beginning to change rapidly with more and more gays feeling comfortable to come out. In May of 2013, NBA player Jason Collins became the first openly gay active player. Could this have had an impact on Michael Sam’s announcement? I believe it has.

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From time to time, we see something so shocking and awful that we wonder what our generation has become. We see a million things, from stories we hear to events that happen that are outrageous. Well this week a new app on itunes and google play targeting little girls was created. The purpose of this app was to perform plastic surgery on models. This created a major wake up call to multiple people across the world.

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 According to Abigail Elise who wrote the article; Video Games Have No Effect On Children’s Behavior, New Study Finds on the November 22nd 2013, video games and television has been proven to not be harmful to children, but otherwise. A study in United Kingdom has been held in order to determine if video games were causing deficit disorder or depression. Around 11 000 children were used for the studies where the parents would answer survey questions after tracking their kids’ behavior for a period of time. The study concludes that video games can actually improve some parts of the brain.

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