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An academic journal entitled, “Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Depressive and Anxiety Disorders for Two American Indian Tribe” published by the Psychological Medicine in 2005 reveals the tremendous impact that childhood trauma in Native American communities has on children and the lasting effects it has when they become adults. The researchers studied 3, 084 Native Americans from two different tribes, and the participants were asked about family history, major traumatic events in their lifetime, and they were tested for depression and various anxiety disorders.

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In an article in The Guardian, Melissa Davey shows that family violence is mostly done by men with brain injury, intellectual disability, or men who already have a history of criminal charges. The author affirms that the system isn’t “user-friendly” enough to help these males in trouble.

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The industry of advertisements today is surely questionable: women in ads in particular. This is the commercial for Tom Ford's For Men fragrance back in 2007. Take a look: 

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       As of the 2015 municipal elections in Saudi Arabia, women have officially been given the right to vote and run for office (Batrawy). This country has been progressively growing out of its male-dominant mindset in this modern age, allowing for the “gender apartheid” to slowly degenerate (Manea). However, because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia goes by the Qur’an as a model for their laws, strict gender expectations still apply nonetheless.

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