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In França and Monteiro's (2013) research set out to observe racist or racially-biased behaviours amongst younger and older white children within a group dynamic. In this, we will only be observing the first of two studies in this paper. The hypotheses that the researchers had come up with were that the white children would be more likely to be credited than their black counterparts in general, and that older children are more likely to display egalitarian values than the younger kids when rewarding others where accomplishments were similar.

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The Poisonous Relationship between Ignorance and Immigration                 Recently, a study made by Douglas L. Palmer (1996) drew my attention. In the study, he wanted to find an explanation for the amount of hatred and hostility towards immigrants Canadian citizens can show.

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Undocumented minors are people too and the rights of these people is what the DREAM act fights for. The article in question does not necessarily focus on the goal of the movement but rather the identity of those involved. By establishing that advocates of the act are recognizable, complex individuals, the article shows a different and important aspect of the movement.

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The fragrance industry is prone to a lot of explicit advertisements. Some fragrance organizations use explicit content to their advantage in trying to attract, convey a certain message, and leave a positive (or negative) reaction to both men and women. This tactic usually shows to be advantageous to said companies. One company, Tom Ford, made a series of different ads for men’s cologne featuring a naked woman covered in oil (or sweat) with the bottle of cologne hiding her “private parts”.

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When Europeans came to America, tribes of aboriginal people were already in place, and Canada was no exception. Many of these aboriginal were killed or tossed aside, as they were thought to be not fully human. Now, this time is over, but the effects of the shared history between the two nations are still present today.  

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Though deinstitutionalization occurred many years ago, the effects of the lost care still impact a large amount of the population. With a large population of mentally ill who are either incarcerated or homeless, solutions need to be considered. In the article, “The Modern Asylum,” this issue was addressed and its importance must be brought to the attention of the general public.

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The concept of “race” has always been an enraging subject of discussion. People all have opinions on what is race and on what can be considered racist. However, Jared Diamond’s view on the subject, explained in his article “Race Without Color”, draws attention and sparks discussions.  

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