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I feel that issues of Race in America continue to be relevant, even since the civil-rights movement. They may have vanished from the public eye after legislation was passed to help people of color and to reduce their daily struggles, but they are certainly still relevant today, as has been shown on many occasions. For instance, the shootings in Ferguson and New York bear a striking resemblance to shootings carried out in the pre-civil-rights era south, where blacks were often threatened and killed with few to no repercussions against the murderer.

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In general, I believe that Neo-liberalism is a net negative for the world as a whole. It causes massive fluctuations in the world’s economy, increases poverty in developing nations by helping to foster competition and monopolies, and is, for the moment, really only working for the benefit of the United States, and even then only for the benefit of a small few. Menial workers still have to worry about production being outsourced overseas for cheaper pay, while those overseas have to worry about degradation of their lives and values and not being able to feed their families.

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     Recently, a lot of serious problems have been happening all over the world. Do you know anything about refugees? I think the refugees’ problem is the most serious problem. I think most of the young people don’t know much about the problem. Actually, I didn’t know anything about it. That’s why I focused on the refugees from Syria, and researched about their present circumstance, so I will mention about it. And also, I will tell you about Japanese Prime Minister’s opinion and my opinion.  

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        The problems of Refugees 5142043 Risa Fukui  

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The admission of refugees has become a controversial matter all over the world. There are countries which accept many refugees and other that accept only a few. Also I understand that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Then, are there no other ways to help desperate refugees?

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