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The article on “Harvesting dead girl’s eggs” by Mikaela Conely (ABC news medical unit) is about Chen Aida Ayash a young 17 year old girl from Israel who died in a car accident. After her death, Chen’s parents decide to remove and freeze Chen’s “eggs”, in other words extracting her “ova” so they can use her eggs to reproduce the children that she could of eventually gave birth to. The parents donated her organs and even went to court to request her daughters “eggs”.

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In the article “Abortion debate may return as Health Canada weighs RU-486 approval” written by Laura Payton the author demonstrates the reasons why and why not abortion should or shouldn’t be legalized.  The focus of the article is on a drug called mifepristone (RU-486) that when taken will terminate pregnancies within 9 weeks. The drug has not been approved yet but has already caught the attention of anti-abortion protesters who want to contest the drug and make sure it doesn’t end up in pharmacies across Canada.

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Amanda DoonanFebruary 2nd 2014Would you support killing someone to save them from a life of suffering?

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