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The present article is exploring 7 issues that our oceans are facing. It is important to raise awareness about the destructive impacts humans have on them. It also states that we use all the good resources it gives us and we use it as a dump afterwards by dropping all our waste in it. The first problem humans cause is overfishing. We do not think about all the other species that are killed while fishing in the ocean with our big nets, causing troubles in the aquatic life.

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This article is written by Deborah Cramer and has as a goal to explain to the readers the negative effects fishermen have on Right whales when they leave their fishing nets laying anywhere around in the oceans. The effects dealt on the Right whales are critical injuries that can lead to possible death, decline in the Right whale population, decrease in Right whale infants and negative psychological effects. Deborah uses a lot of statistics to explain her main point in her article.

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Causes of climate change   

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According to the article “Climate change could raise food insecurity risk”, the extreme weather changes may have a big impact on the food storages in many countries. Specially the underdeveloped countries. The scientist had argued that with a change of 2°C higher, some places will not be able to provide the same amount and species. The study looked at 122 developing and least-developed countries, mostly in Asia, Africa and South America.

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This present study’s aim conducted by researchers of NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory and the California Institute of technology of Pasadena was to calculate the Earth’s ecological sensitivity towards climate changes. The study predicted that by 2100, climate changes will modify almost half of the plants communities covering the planet. As a result of rising human-produced greenhouse gases, the Earth’s climate is changing tremendously.

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The purpose of  the article from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to discuss about the consequences that influence ecosystems in America. The researchers points out 6 of them: Life cycle event, range shifts, food web disruption, threshold effects, parasites and diseases and extinction. Their data comes mainly from other U.S. governmental organization reports, before President Trump’s election.     

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In the article “Population is still the biggest problem facing humanity”, Gary Peters argues that the number of people on earth will soon outstrip our natural resources. In order to solve this important problem, he thinks that we should implement rules in countries where the amount of birth is still very high. Another important point is that Peters underline the fact that the number of birth should go down instead of waiting for the death rates to go up, it is very important that population growth stops now, otherwise the human race will suffer from it.

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