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In the article “Ebola, Poverty, and Racism”, Thadeus Pato claims that the Ebola virus is not a new discovery, that Scientifics discovered the disease back in 1976. The last epidemic before this present one was in Uganda and in Congo, in 2007. The disease is transmitted through body fluids. Even if it dies immediately when it is outside the body fluids, the mortality is still high because the virus “likes to multiply”. In fact, the Ebola virus does not come from human, it comes from bats. Human contracted the disease by accident. The sociopolitical situation in Africa is not easy.

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       The article “Torrence Collier, 11, says he faces racism, extreme bullying in Westport” which is posted on the 11th of June this year on the CBC news website is explaining the hard life of an 11 years old that faces racism in his school, like mentioned in the title. As the article goes on we read that the young boy is the only black child in the whole town. He faces everyday extreme bullying, at a point where he has to go to a separate bathroom to avoid attacks and his called a “rapist” sometimes, in grade 5.

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In the article “Racisme et Bisbille à Harvard et Oxford” posted on March 19th, Vincent Destouches wrote about an awareness campaign regarding racism, which reported this major problem. Black students from Harvard created a social network where they state the following: “I, too, am Harvard”. The presence of students of a different race is often questioned within the institution. To reinforce the campaign of awareness on racism, people took pictures of themselves with disparaging comment that they were victims of.

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In a recent article, entitled "Sweden Plans to Thwart Racism by Eliminating the Mention of Race From Its Laws", In the Europe section of Vice News, Kayla Ruble, the author, discusses recent political changes within European Law regarding the concept of "race". Erik Ullenhag, Sweden's Intergration Minister, announced to the public the government's plans to abolish the word "race" from the nation's legislation, as a means of taking steps against racism in Europe.

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Being raised in an Islamic home, I could never understand why my mother and sister could never come to the mosque with my brothers and I. When I got to the mosque, I never saw any women. Why? I never gave it much thought. Many religions are a patriarchy and women are just inferior. I think it's great that a person can be so dedicated to religion especially a female. But when religion gets in the way of equality, that's where I draw the line. 

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