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        Nathan R. Todd, Elizabeth A. McConnell and Racheal L. Suffrin’s (2014) study was interested in the links that can be drawn between the stance on White privilege, the different religious beliefs and the importance of social justice. When they first started their study, they based their hypothesis on many studies that had been previously done on related subjects and so concluded that the point of view about White privilege that was held by an individual could predict their intensity concerning social justice interest and commitment.

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Racism is a very common subject in the world in which we live. The overwhelming presence of racism is a quite known, but what Logan Jaffe underlines in his article a very disturbing and acts as an eye opener. He exposes the fact that many Caucasian households have different objects that promote the idea of racism, notably by their stereotypical nature. When I read this article it made me think of various concepts that we talked about in class, namely the one of implicit racism.

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I found this article on about how poverty can affect your brain. Where you’re from can affect your brain.

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In this Interview magazine picture a young well-known women named Kylie Jenner , is being held by a man;wearing provocative boudoir leather lingerie while the man holding her is all dress up , with a suit looking professional.

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The concept of ‘’race’’ is one that has been central to many debates in our current society. It has been continuously misinterpreted and wrongly associated to a hierarchy based on distinct genetic differences between ‘’races’’. This has since been proven to be false, but remains a belief held by a large part of the society in which we live. I was aware of the absurdity of such a belief, but the discussions that we had in class made me realise how far from the truth the concept of biological races is and the randomness of such a classification.

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