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In França and Monteiro's (2013) research set out to observe racist or racially-biased behaviours amongst younger and older white children within a group dynamic. In this, we will only be observing the first of two studies in this paper. The hypotheses that the researchers had come up with were that the white children would be more likely to be credited than their black counterparts in general, and that older children are more likely to display egalitarian values than the younger kids when rewarding others where accomplishments were similar.

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In previous years over 11,000 international police officers have been deployed in 18 United Nations peace operations. These officers have come from 100 countries. Over a period of time these officers have seen work such as traditional monitoring responsibilities and have started to see more of a broad array of police development and sector reform tasks. The issue with this is that the structures, resources and skill sets of international police do not match their mandates.

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The news article I found and have chosen to discuss is an opinion piece pertaining to the discrimination of indigenous people and their youths. The author of the piece discusses how ignorant thinking and false opinions on indigenous people lead to their ongoing struggle and discrimination and racism. The discussion she wishes to have on the matter is one that I see a lot of, which is certainly not surprising considering I am enrolled in a Race and Racism class.

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Colin Kaepernick, 49ers quarterback, took the country by storm with his decision to kneel down during the performance of the National Anthem at the beginning of the football game in attempt to protest all of the injustices put forth by police officers and their wrongdoing by supposedly targeting African Americans and using unjustified excessive force. In TIME Magazine’s article by John Mcwhorter, people are being accused of not seeing the larger point because they do not know the real definition of patriotism.

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As a child, I was raised in a relatively inclusive manner, by my parents. My neighbors vary greatly from Greek to native Quebecois to Native Congolese. In saying this, I am not insinuating that I have never been racist or had a racist thought, or been aware of the differences between people based on skin color.

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