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“We’re Missing The Big Picture On Mass Shootings,” written by Melissa Jeltson and posted to The Huffington Post, suggests that there is a connection between gender and violence, specifically mass shootings. On August 8th, 2015, David Conley broke into his ex-girlfriend, Valerie Jackson’s, home and killed her along with her husband and six children. While still together, they were in an abusive relationship, which forced Jackson to get a protective order to keep her ex-boyfriend away from her.  

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  He is arguably the worst presidential candidate in US history. He is a racist and is often compared to Adolf Hitler. He is Donald Trump.     From all the memes and hilarious tweets, the most accurate one I've saw stated "This is not a presidential election, it is an intelligence test, and right now you guys are failing.". I think that quote goes to show how hectic this election has been, growing up I remembered rooting for Barack Obama particularly because he was African American. Now, I pray anyone other than Donald Trump gets elected.  

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Tom Ford, a notable fashion designer, has built his name in the high fashion industry by offering top of the line designer clothing and accessories. The attached image is an advertisement released by the Tom Ford label. This ad depicts a man dressed in formal clothing with his slicked back hair being combed by a naked woman. His formal clothing suggests he is dressed for work, unlike the woman whose is represented as a sexual object. She is completely nude and wearing a large amount of makeup, is tanned, and has clearly had her hair done by a professional.

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A) topic &type of paper / justification of social issue:

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