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Boys, from the moment they were born, embark on a lifelong journey to be men. They are subjected under the strict unwritten code called the “Man Box”. They learn at an early age that it will be easier for them to navigate through this process if they conform to what the Man Box mandates. Boys are constantly reminded to “man up”, “not be a pussy” and be stoic, or else, they risk being shunned or be deemed as weak and worthless to be men. The Man Box is real. So as the pressures it comes with. Our current society turns a blind eye and even helps in policing this mentality and way of life.

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Men have been portrayed to be violent and continuously so but can we blame on a single fact such as video games and/or how we’ve been raised? Sure, our parents and grandparents have seen some tormenting things in their childhood. Though we aren’t being conflicted with same issues, men are pressured to fit in as a man. To take up the role of being of man, with the knowledge of what it consists, or so we believe. “A man doesn’t cry or feel pain. A man must protect not be protected”. I know I’ve heard this before along with many other words. Who are we to classify who is or isn’t a man?

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