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            In the article “With Black Students, Some Schools Are More Ready to Punish Than Help” by Piazadora Footman, illustrates some problems regarding race is schools. It states that there are inequalities between some races, where, for example, Black children get punished instead of helped when in need of extra help. The author goes on to explain why she states her argument. Her son Xavier started to act up in school and was constantly being punished at school.

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Tough Guise 2 hit me as one the hardest revelations I have ever experienced before. Since the beginning of my memories anything and pretty much everything I can remember has some how linked into what kind of man I should have become. The film brought up how men have been policing themselves to maintain a patriarchal mentality almost until death. Men were/are not just brought up to be this powerful social soldier as kids, but they continue to be brought up into it by their peers, even at a later age.

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  When are people in general going to understand that being different is way better than being the same? Ofcourse, I took the "Man Box" as an example. The man box basically determines if you're a "man" or not. I don't understand why it even exists. It's amazingly stupid! I could comprehend that people dislike others, it is completely normal, but hating on someone who you don't think is "manly enough" ... really? Take a look at this quote, said by the famous rapper "Eminem" ; "I don't care if you're black, white, straight, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor.

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I agree with what Décoste says in her article Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Canada's Approach to Racism. The media tends to stereotype minorities and in doing so gives the general public the idea that white people are less likely to commit crimes than people of colour, for example; if there was no bias towards which stories were told in the news then this sort of issue wouldn't happen. How come when a murder is committed and the suspect is black, it's one of the first things the anchors mention...but when he or she is white, it goes unsaid?

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