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In the CBC article “The worst thing you could do is stare: Raising awareness about vitiligo” the journalist Shari Okeke talks about Aiesha Robinson’s medical condition, known as ‘vitiligo’. Since her diagnosis with this medical condition, Aiesha has begun to accept this condition; she is now a model and runs a non-profit organization to help others and to raise awareness about her condition. Through her years of first discovering her disorder, she became afraid that no one would love her – she confided in her older brother.

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In the past years, technology has developed tremendously. Slowly but surely we incorporated it in our everyday lives. From transportation to communication and even video games, everything is related to it.  However, we often forget to look at all the ways it affects us. One big dilemma that arose during this era of technology is the incorporation of machines into the workplace. As technology progresses, more and more machines are used in factories. They greatly ease down the workers’ jobs, which can be helpful, but they also oftentimes replace what used to be jobs for workers.

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