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this article took a look at the problems that come along with the use of Native American based names and mascots on sports teams across the country

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White privilege is a very controversial topic in the world today that still remains up for debate and divides society into two parallel ways of thinking. White privilege can be seen as white people getting a sort of special treatment and an easier path to success than other minorities do. The article "White Privilege Needs to Own Up To Its Existence" by Lauren Messervey better exemplifies this with the example of Viola Davis and Nancy Lee Grahn. In Davis' acceptance speech at the Emmy's she mentioned the turbulence that African-American female actors face in Hollywood.

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One of the most recent NFL controversy has been due to Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand for the national anthem. His is right to protest the national anthem in support with the Black Lives Matter movement has caused major riffs around the country with many people taking different sides.

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As the world is dominated by the hegemonic male ideology, the media and advertisements are often targeted towards men. Products geared towards the consumption of the stereotypical heterosexual male are conditioned to view women as objects by the media. 

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You think you know what you're getting when you're taking a race and racism course. I mean it's right there in the title; race and racism. A class where you learn about differences between all the races in the world and delve into the prejudices that surround these races. That was from the case. Learning that the idea of race is essentially a myth and just an excuse to put us into social groups was quite awakening.

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