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  Does money buy happiness?    

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Montreal is a city with a dense population of 1.74M people.This fact is astonishing concidering its location: an island. At its origin, the city was build as a trading outpost. History aside, we don't sail boats anymore to go work. How are we able to conclude a sustainable solution for transportation?

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The article I had the pleasure of reading indicates a growing problem caused by our current surroundings and the human race’s evolution. In fact, our ancestors spent most of their time in the outdoors and with the large presence of fresh air and natural lighting, their senses developed in a healthy way. Today, because of technology, time spent indoors by humans is significantly more than what it used to be, causing modifications to our vision.

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Tim Fontaine writes an article called “destroying personal accounts of residential schools would just compound the tragedy.” The author states that books give facts, but the accounts of each child that attended residential school have a story. Fontaine said that it’s sad to see the Supreme Court rule in favor of erasing these records. There are 38,000 testimonies of survivors of abuse and misery. These documents state’s the author, are proof of the reality that happened in these residential schools with precise details. It is a dark chapter in Canadian history.

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    Here is the link to the commercial:  

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