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Name: Gretta-Olivia Ineza                                               Burundians lives matter   During the semester, the majority of my posts on new activism were about the accurate situation in Burundi, my native country, which is located in East Africa.

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Inequalities have always been a major part of our modern society. We all know that some people own more than others. Recently, a report came out revealing that 62 people own the same as half the population worldwide. This report was written by an organization named Oxfam.

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Albertan oil sands exploitation and pipelines construction and/or expansion throughout North-Canada could be economically benefit for Canada. Canada could open its market internationally in addition to create jobs. Some politicians and environmentalist called that the environmental risks were too important, and that the project should not see rise. The Canadian population also affirmed that they do not want pipelines in their yard, since it could contaminate water areas as well as the soil.

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The Islamic State group (IS) has become a significant threat with its barbaric actions in the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, as well as the terrorist strikes it carried out worldwide. The article “Fight against ISIS reveals power of social media,” by Javier Lesaca, highlights the extensive use of social media by the IS group to perpetrate radicalization and gain momentum. In this digital age, the use of social media has become a powerful means to obtain “mass participation” and “peer coordination”, as described by Jeremy Heimans in the Ted Talk “What New Power Looks Like”.

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The threat of the Islamic State group (IS) is extremely worrisome as its actions and ideologies are in direct violation to the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Men, women and children worldwide are victims of violent extremism. According to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, the response of the international community to violent extremism has been primarily focused on countering the threat.

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The self-proclaimed Islamic State has flourished with the radicalization of its militants in Iraq and Syria, as well as in many countries worldwide. As indicated in my post “Europe Awakens to the Islamic State’s Ambitions and Proficiencies”, the Islamic State has successfully implemented a sophisticated network in Europe, despite the reduction of 40% of the territory it controlled in Iraq and Syria. Radical organizations have come and gone. History can guide us in identifying potential solutions on how to address the threat of the Islamic State.

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The article from The Economist titled “The Brussels attacks show that Islamic State (IS) is still growing in ambition and capability” dated March 22, 2016, sheds light on the operational capabilities of IS outside of the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, as well as Europe’s challenges in fighting terrorism.

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Many conflicts are currently taking place around the world, such as Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and the multifaceted Egyptian conflict. The Syrian conflict is one that has lasted for nearly five years, as it began in the spring of 2011 during the period commonly known as the Arab Spring. Media worldwide have covered this complex issue, and each of them tells the story from their own perspective.

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Global warming is becoming a large issue in today’s world. All over the planet, media cover the news on the latest environmental catastrophe and on high temperatures setting new records. Many of these phenomena can be related to a common factor; there are more and more greenhouse gases being released in the atmosphere. Many countries try to reduce their emissions, and a way to accomplish this is with the mass planting of trees, conifers particularly, on land that used to be occupied by broadleaved trees. I live in Quebec (Canada) and it is quite frequent.

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Syria is now in great needs of help, and it might not change soon. The United States of America, teamed with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, started supporting Syrian rebels in the civil war against their president, Bashar al-Assad. As if it wasn’t enough, the terrorist group ISIS joined the party, trying to establish their reign of terror across Syria and Iraq.

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A recent report made by the Save the Children Association states that around 26,000 children migrated to Europe in 2015 without any family. More than 10,000 are suspected to have vanished shorty after their arrival in one of Europe’s many countries in the last two years. Europol (, a European agency whose mission is to control crimes and to contribute to Europe’s law enforcement, claims that thousands of these children have disappeared after going through customs.

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2015 was fulfilled with a lot of upsetting news; we just have to think about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Unfortunately, some people can generalize those news and commit deplorable actions. Indeed, on December 20th 2015, we could read the article “Hate crimes against Muslims rise in UK” by Margaret Evans on CBC News and learn more about those deplorable actions.

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Global warming has been a popular subject discussed worldwide for decades. Many people still deny it, but proofs are there to support the recent occurrence phenomenon. The latest one? The year 2015 has seen the highest global temperatures yet on record, qualifying it as being the warmest year since the recording of yearly temperatures began, as new data revealed by the United States’ and the United Kingdom’s meteorologists suggests.

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Would you say that we gain all our knowledge from school? Probably not. You might be thinking that reading, interacting and experiencing are some things that allow us to learn and gain knowledge. Travelling, for instance, is one of those amazing ways to gain knowledge!  

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Early illnesses, health problems and death! The cause? …Our poisonous food that is so delicious!!! Chips, hamburgers, hot-dogs, pizzas, etc. Restaurant fast food has replaced ancient home-cooking tradition! It has changed our mentality so that, now in 2015, a big percentage of people consider home-cooking as being an absolute waste of time. So they do as they keep going to restaurants! And this delicious food they find there appears to be the cause of their future health problems.

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Don’t look now, but China has its own demographic dilemma written by Linda Nazareth demonstrate the lack of young people in China, in other words, the population of China is aging which creates a lot of economic problems. After the Second World War II, there was a major baby boom in China which means that less and less people work because they are older, therefore, less Chinese pay the taxes from employment income since a lot stop working at a certain age and depend on the government to help them with money as they do not have jobs anymore.

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