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About me:

My name is Alex Uhl

I am from Waverly is in an area called 'The Valley' which is three towns close to eachother, it is very small and the sports are very competitive in the valley even though we are in different leagues. waverly isw in new york and the other 2 schools, athens and sayre, are from pennsylvania. so mostly our competitions between the other 2 schools are for bragging rights.

I live off campus

i drive to school from elmira. which is 15 minutes away from waverly and also 15 minutes away from corning. i stay there with my mom because it is closer to school.

i am doing health and physical education studies to transfer and start physical therapy studies

i chose this course because it was an extra class i picked up. i chose this location because it is convenient and i can transfer easily out of here
i hope to become a physical therapist for a baseball team considering i enjoy baseball the most out of any sport


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