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Adopted at the young age of one, Aurélie Gagnon-Morin, 19 years old, lived her whole life in Alma (Quebec, Canada).

During high school, she studied Physics and Mathematics but did not like it, so here she is, in Media Art and Technology, at Cégep de Jonquière, working hard trying to make a name for herself.
During summer 2016, she worked at Centre de Villégiature Dam-en-Terre as a housekeeper, and even though she hated it, the job taught her that she could do anything if she had the will.
At first, Aurélie may seem shy and introvert, but she is very loyal and will do everything to help you achieve any project you might have, if you give her the chance. So that is why she is your best allie when it comes to realizing any crazy idea that might comes in your mind.


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Camera Control Unit Procedure   The Camera control unit is an equipment which is operated with remote controls. Remote controls are used for the treatment of the images of cameras. With the succeeding steps, the remote controls will adjust each image of cameras. As a result, the images should have the same appearance on television. There are six steps to follow: the adjustment of the black, the white, the flare, the gamma, the detail and the saving procedure.  

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The Art of Compositing These days more than ever, television is everywhere; movies, web series, Netflix and even more software rule the market. But how does a movie get all the magic? How did the magician behind the camera transform the image to create a whole new world full of stories and adventures? All of these are possible with the right tools and a compositing workflow, which is the pipeline who lead to the final product. The process is long, but amazing. Learn what an alpha channel is, keying and a Matte Key is.

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  3 dimensional (3D) animation is used in many films and appreciated by people all over the world. Young or old, anyone can enjoy a good animated film. As simple as it seems, one will be surprised by the complexity of its making, take Pixar, for example, their process of creating a 3D animated film requires several steps. The following explanations describe how they work their magic.   Beginners may find it scary upon their first look, but some detailed explanations can make it simpler. Storyboards

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In a water treatment facility, it can be sometimes difficult to determine what are the parameters that suit the best for the water that is treated. Polluted water have a composition that is always changing. With a different composition requires different parameters of operation. Since small changes in the parameters (pH, chemical dosage, agitation speed …) can have a huge impact on a full scale water plant, it is not recommended to try it because it could disturb the process.

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Adopted at the young age of one, Aurélie Gagnon-Morin, 19 years old, lived her whole life in Alma (Quebec, Canada).

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