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More and more we are talking about how oceans are getting extremely more polluted by plastic and other materials than before. This article which the title is “Drowning in litter” explains to us a bit more why it has so much a big impact on the marine life. A number that could help us visualize this issue is approximately 8 million tonnes of only plastic end up in the ocean each year. Yet, more than 690 species who live underwater are victims of these plastic wastes. The thing is that a majority of these marine species are attracted by the smell of plastic and mistake it with their food.

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Horizontal drilling and high-volume hydraulic are being talked as being a potential harm to the environment and to human health. Five years ago the United States were importing oil and gas to satisfy the population needs and they were at a peak. Since 2011, there has been about 700 scientific studies that are principally talking about the environment and impacts the unconventional gas development on human health.

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