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The article “Racism Is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About It” by Craig and Mark Kielburger which was published on Huffington post, September 18th 2014, demonstrates that a lot of people believe that there is little to no racism in Canada, and ever since the Ferguson shooting, all the fingers have been pointed at the United States. However, the brothers emphasize that this is not true, and there is indeed a lot of racism going on in Canada.

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In the article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist” of Nicholas Kristof published in August 2014, the reality of racism is discussed.  The main point of his article is about the widespread racism and stereotyping that young black men in America suffer. The problem is not really too much racism in America. In his article he explains that there are still many racist people without even knowing it. The larger problem is the people who consider themselves not racist. They deplore discrimination and believe in racial equality but unconsciously, they have a racist attitude.

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In today's modern world we tend to think that everything's alright, that we've finally made it as a society and we can now enjoy life as we should have been doing since the beginning. African Americans obtained their fully deserved rights, women can vote and gay people can now get married and adopt children (in Canada and certain States that is). However, that is not really the case.

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