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In this article, “Getting Serious about Overfishing” by the Economist, it is implied that our oceans are in more trouble than they have ever been. According to the article, we consume the most fish we have ever consumed. It is shown that in a study conducted in 2013, 32% of the world’s fish stocks were being exploited beyond their sustainable limit which is a lot and this is an increase of 10% since the 1970s. Although we overfish, other problems which affect the oceans are pollution and fertilizer run-off which causes big damage to the fish since it ruins their ecosystems.

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According to the article "Are current fishing regulations misguided?" by John Matson, fishes all over the world continue to decline while certain species of fishes are being driven to endangerment at an alarming rate. Governments all over the world has implemented different kinds of regulations such as selective fishing in order to reduce the likelihood of an endangered species being caught and sold. What the government did not account for are the unintended consequences such as unintentionally shifting the ecosystem out of balance.

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Causes of climate change   

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In the article “State of the science: Beyond the worst case climate change scenario” by the scientific American, the many risks of climate change are covered. The risks presented include warming temperatures, heat waves, heavy rains, droughts, stronger storms, and more. The article says all these factors will be affected due to the continuous increase of the global temperature. According to them, warming temperatures can be bring positive outcomes such as that agricultural yield will increase in colder areas and negative outcomes such as increased insect outbreaks.

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In this article “Climate change may bring big ecosystem changes” written by NASA, the issue of global warming and the ways it affects ecosystems is dealt with. Climate change is a big issue globally, it affects the overall temperature of the world, but it also affects ecosystems. This article outlines that different plant and animal species in certain ecosystems are adapted to a certain climate, when these climates change the species need to migrate to places where the climate is adequate for their survival.

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The article “Human Activities that Affect the Ecosystem” by David Weedmark has for purpose to inform us how human activities affect the ecosystem being the water, the air, the land and the life that we share the world with. According to the article, there are few causes that explain how human activities is destroying the ecosystem. The first one that Weedmark mentions is pollutions. He claims that humans are dumping more than 8 million tons of that plastic into the oceans. In consequences,  wildlife in the sea is deeply affected.

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This article by “the American Institute of Biological Sciences”, talks about how water is becoming a scarce resource. As humans, we use a lot of water, to bathe, wash clothes and dishes, for production of food. Etc. However, even though water is considered to be a renewable resource because of rainfall, our over use of its availability leads to water shortages. This article stresses that the high demand for water can threaten biodiversity as well as basic human needs such as food production and drinking clean water.

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