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In this article “Climate change may bring big ecosystem changes” written by NASA, the issue of global warming and the ways it affects ecosystems is dealt with. Climate change is a big issue globally, it affects the overall temperature of the world, but it also affects ecosystems. This article outlines that different plant and animal species in certain ecosystems are adapted to a certain climate, when these climates change the species need to migrate to places where the climate is adequate for their survival.

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This article by “the American Institute of Biological Sciences”, talks about how water is becoming a scarce resource. As humans, we use a lot of water, to bathe, wash clothes and dishes, for production of food. Etc. However, even though water is considered to be a renewable resource because of rainfall, our over use of its availability leads to water shortages. This article stresses that the high demand for water can threaten biodiversity as well as basic human needs such as food production and drinking clean water.

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