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By: Xavier-Rowan Gagnon, Dorin Popa, Simon-Pierre Dupuis The Issue:

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Happiness Literacy iPhone 7 - The Archives (

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Automobiles and their impacts on environment   Stephania Dascalescu, Felix Morin, Laura Henry, Emilie Beauchemin, Olivia Mazzarello  

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Climate change: Agriculture in danger Marine Gauthier, Hina Idris and Audrey Rose Lussier  Our world is hugely affected by global warming. It affects human health, forests, oceans and so on and so forth. But one of the impacts that really affect our daily life negatively concern agriculture. One of our basic need is to eat, therefore, negatives effects of climate change on agriculture is bad for human’s healthy consummation of food. Flooding and droughts are two main direct consequences of climate change that affects crop yields and breeding.  

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