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Plate Up for the Planet According to The Vegan Society, veganism is “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose”. Veganism is an easy way to live a healthier lifestyle, help the environment, all while saving the lives of  many innocent animals. Health impact of veganism

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The Issue of Pollution has always existed

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According to the article called “A comprehensive review of pesticides and the immune dysregulation: mechanisms, evidence and consequences,” written by Aram Mokarizadeh and other authors, the society is now aware of the tones of chemicals that kill living organisms on the planet. Although the use of pesticides have helped human agriculture a lot, their effects on human health are a huge concern and people have to seriously think about it.

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The increasing presence of plastic in the ocean is a serious environmental issue that needs an urgent response. In fact, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, (UNEP), plastic litter and microplatics are accumulating in the marine environment. A study in 2011 revealed that plastic made objects such as fishing nets, bottles, ropes, shoes and toothbrushes are forming tons of waste.

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Because of pollution, air quality is degrading almost everywhere, but, at several place, the air is so contaminated it makes breathing laborious. According to the journal Deutsche Welle, from Shanghai to Beijing, the smog periods kill people by the thousands every day. This serves only to make my point that by polluting the atmosphere, humans kill themselves faster than ever before. But what happens underwater? Acidification (addition of nutrients in a body of water) creates what scientists call dead zones which are areas devoid of oxygen where most organisms cannot survive.

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Facebook recently attracted the attention of the network’s users. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, announced a few days ago the possible release of a dislike button on Facebook. Could you imagine its effects? Nothing is sure yet, but the new is already spreading around. CBC News, BBC News, Forbes, NBC News and countless other articles networks have been announcing the new and discussing about the impact of it. My opinion? Well we don’t know if something is actually going to happen.

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I’m sure you hear about harmful products and polluting our planet all the time. But it was surprising to hear that in the article, "Toxic sunblock products pollute water and pose health threat to marine animals", David Gutierrez states that while we're protecting our skin with sunscreen, we're also destroying nearly all life in the oceans! While we think that we’re protecting our skin, we are actually just damaging it. It makes perfect sense, but why is this so shocking?

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Many clinics in the states are no longer offer treatment for abortions due to legislative attacks on those who provide these services. Judges have put a temporary stop to certain clinics giving them difficulty to continue the abortion treatment process.  

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