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Adam Grandmaison (aka Adam22), the founder of a hugely successful BMX website has, in the recent past, become somewhat of an influential figure in the underground rap scene. He has risen to relative fame, gathering over 500 000 subscribers, through his podcast that is hosted on his YouTube channel No Jumper. As his influence has grown he has come into contact with more and more rappers and people that are a part of the scene. This has been capped off by the fact that he was able to put together and go on a rap tour entitled “The No Jumper Tour”.

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The Responsibility to Protect   There is a moral dilemma in the field of international politics that questions whether or not a state that has the ability to intervene in conflicts within other states has the responsibility to intervene and does that change when these conflicts involve the abuse of human rights. Here, we will specifically be looking at military intervention. Going against relativism, I will be arguing that nations do indeed have a responsibility to intervene however, only when human rights are in jeopardy.

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Music is a part of our everyday life. Most of us can listen to music for hours. We are listening to music in our car, on our iPod in the bus, when we walk, when we do our homework and before going to bed. So, we can say that music pace our day. What if the music everybody hears on the radio and on the television was not censored?  The article I read on the subject explains both sides of music censorship.  

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