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asamp1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 13, 2014
         Students often feel uninspired and sluggish when doing coursework. According to a recent study performed by Matthew Walker, discussed in "Naps Clear the Mind, Help You Learn" by LiveScience Staff, it was suggested taking a daily nap can greatly help you retain information. The experiment involved thirty-nine adults who were randomly placed in a nap or non-nap group. First, both groups were presented a task at noon which challenged their hippocampus, which is the region of “the brain that helps store fact-based memories” ("Naps Clear the Mind”). Both groups performed evenly.

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In the article "Volunteers help clean vandalism from Cold Lake mosque", Josh Elliott writes about an incident of racism that occurred in Cold Lake, Alberta. On October 22nd, 2014, Canadians across the country were shocked by an attack on our nation's capital. This act of violence was brought by a Canadian born man, who converted to Islam, and left one Canadian soldier dead at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. However, this article is less about the attacks, and more about the aftermath of these attacks, specifically an event that occurred in Cold Lake.

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The article “’We’re in this until the Name Changes’: Debate over Washington Redskins More Intense than Ever”, published by the National Post and written by Joseph White. The author begins by stating that aboriginals, as well as other people, think the famous football teams’ name, Redskins, is racist towards Native Americans. Though the argument has come and gone, it is now as intense as it’s ever been, to the point of being forced to make a decision in the near future.

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In sport, the male has been vastly dominating this industry due to the physical body, the mental strength. Since the appearance of the professional sports league, male has been showing dominance in this field to gain more manliness and gain more manhood. In the sport world from athletes, coaches to the commentators of the game they are basically male oriented. Since sport is male oriented generally the viewer will be male oriented also due to the fact the sport bring more manliness in the males perspective.

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Why, does gaming industries only shows women as a sexual object in games. I play games personally and I find that most of the game always makes the women character with tight clothe and shows most of their private part, most of the dialogue the character have are one line like” dammit I broke a nail” or” I god blood all over my make up” etc. because of this teenagers see girls as an object then a real person. the moment a girl talks on the mic all the men starts yelling at her to go back to the kitchen ,”you don’t belong here”.

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