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At school, each student has their own way to study and learn that allows them to obtain good grades. Even if the students learn in different ways, the are all confront to one single approach of teaching. Most of the time, this approach advantages some students because it comes in line with their own personal method of learning. Students have differents strenghts, weakness, learning style, and needs. A single method of teaching could obviously not be apply to every students. There is a variety of learning style, but they are not all well develop in class.  

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In 1988, Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University, develops the theory of multiple intelligences. This theory suggests that humans possess eight different types of intelligence : logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic,naturalist,interpersonal and intrapersonal. Each human has their own profile of intelligence. For example, I can have a logical-mathematical intelligence more develop than a linguistic intelligence, but my friend can have a musical intelligence more developed than a logical-mathematical intelligence.

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One of the commitment of the Block Quebec is to obtain the independence of the Quebec. This party is the only one that represent the Quebec among the Canada. There are many differences between the Quebec an the other provinces of the Canada such as the french language that distinguish the most the Quebec from the other provinces. This is why the independence of the Quebec is an important question especially during the election campaigns.  

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The green party promises and shows involvement in the healthcare system.  They have campaigned to increase dental care coverage for children and want to invest money into the care for the elderly as our population is aging. Compared to all other federal parties, the green party shows the most interest in improving the healthcare system including family doctors, treatment in rural areas, and health research.

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The White House declared that ‘’more than 5.6 million fingerprint records were stolen from the Office of Personnel Management’’. At first, an investigation proposed that only 1.1 million were lost.   The Office of Personnel Management keeps records on 21.5 million of federal workers because it is like the ‘’personnel office for the US government’’.  

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You’ve probably already had a ‘’brain freeze’’ while you were eating ice cream. This unpleasant headache is discussed in the medical literature since at least the 1850’s, but the International Headache Society has only recognized it in 1988 under the name of ‘’cold stimulus headache’’.   By the International Classification of Headache Disorders, the “Ice Cream Headache” causes pain that starts when you apply a cold stimulus either to the head or mouth. Also, the pain will ease away shortly after the cold stimulus ends.  

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Porshe, a car brend, shows his new car for the first time at the Frankfurt Auto Show : the Porshe Mission E. It is an all-electric vehicule. It is the first all-electric car of this brend. It give to Tesla, another luxury electric car, some competition. The other cars on the market are hybrid cars. It means a car with an electric motor and a combustion engine.  

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Nestlé, a big internationale company, make sure that there is no child labor while making the popular  KitKat bar.  The cocoa use for this chocolate bar will be accreditate by third party agencies to make sure that there is no child labor involve.  

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Today, many people in North America care about fashion. Many customers who buy clothes only see the exterior part of it and not the inside. In other words, they only see the beautiful product of hard work, but not the millions of laborers who work hard to fabricate millions of clothes.  

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You may have ever heard about Alzheimer ? It is a diease that aged people can have. In summary, they lose gradually their memories starting with the short term memories. It’s been many years that the researchers are trying to find a treatment to solve the Alzheimer’s diesease.  

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The summer Olympics are approaching. In 11 months, all the world will be porting its attention on Brazil, the host of the 2016 Olympics. Be ready to see the country at its best. Be ready to see all the new installations and the happy population. But, all of that will only be a façade. The truth is that Brazil has a lot to do before we can all cheer for our countries. Rio de Janeiro is in lack of basic sanitation and the waters in which the athletes will compete is polluted.

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Swimming laws can be very stricted, and swimmers can sometimes try to pass by these laws. It happen to Ryan Lotche, the 11-times olympic medallist, while he was competing at the swimming world championships in Karzan, Russia.  

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