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Summary: In “Perceived Racism and Discrimination in Children and Youths: An Exploratory Study” (2010) by Bernstein, Garcia C., Pachter and Szalacha’s, the authors investigated the environment and the circumstances of ostensible racism and discrimination in children and youths. Although previous studies conducted by other researchers focused on the emotional and physical effects of racial prejudices in children, very little research has been conducted on the occurrence of racism in teenagers and children.

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Education for those with disabilities is crucial to their individual success. Does the United States education system accommodate the needs of these individuals appropriately?

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Do you think an employer would prefer to interview an Alexander rather than an Abdullah? Have you ever thought what might happen (the changes/effects) if we remove job applicants’ names when applying for work in Canada, a similar process used in Britain? After reading the article written by Common “Could a 'blind recruitment' policy make Canada less racist?”, it made me realized that racism is extremely present in the labor market as well in the recruitment process. Many studies have been conducted to examine why Canadian immigrants have such a hard time in the workforce.

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Tyre King, black robbery suspect, was shot by white police officer in Columbus, Ohio after running from the police. It appeared that King pulled out a BB gun which looked like an actual hand gun, from the waistband of his pants and aimed at the officer.

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In the above Peta advertisement, Pamela Anderson is show in very revealing clothing with her body sliced into sections. Also, Pamela is being called an animal when the advertisement states, “all animals have the same parts” (“The Punishment Was Death By Stoning”). While the purpose of this advertisement was to encourage people to become vegetarian with the help of a shock factor, this simply raised the new issue revolving around of sexually objectifying women in advertising.

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After the 9/11 incident and following terrorist acts such as the November 2015 Paris attacks, people started to point out Islam as a bad religion “promoting” violent behaviour. Sadly, even today, some people when they hear “Muslim” they directly link it to the term “terrorism”. Luckily, although being a Muslim Afghan living in an area with mostly white people, I was never victim of huge racism.

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