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This article is about Trump’s administration who has a conservative worldview and who took off the guidelines for the protection of the transgenders students in public school about 2 months ago. They cannot go in the bathroom of the gender that they identify themselves with anymore. They need to go in the bathroom of their gender that they are born with. This is the actual opposite of what Obama’s administration put in place with a progressive worldview to protect transgenders.

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About 10 years ago, Dove launched its Campaign for Real Beauty that featured a woman’s unique differences in using models of various body types and races. Introduced in 2004, the advertising campaign was a response to the fact that globally only 2% of women truly believed that they were beautiful (Celebre, Delton, Guadagno, & Wal 2014). Thus, Dove aimed to promote the notion that a woman’s body should be celebrated for its real curves and colors rather than be made a source of anxiety and lack of confidence.

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In the twenty first century, genetic engineering, also known as genetic modification or genetic manipulation, is becoming a great ethical dilemma in the field of sciences. It is a practice that involves modifying an organism's genetic material. It can also involve taking a gene from one living organism and inserting it into another organism’s genome. The ethical dilemma of practicing this on human lives is argued throughout different ethical frameworks, mostly involving the action itself and its outcomes.

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