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Achieving independence is the goal of many nations across the world. Being a Quebecker myself, I was very interested to learn more about the issue and to see whether or not independence is an effective way of protecting the culture of a nation. For that purpose, I studied three scholarly articles focusing on cultural, nationalism and Canadian studies. Ultimately, I learned that independence is indeed effective in protecting the culture of a nation, but only if the nation clearly defines itself and if it understands the importance of its works of art.

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  For about two months now, I have been writing a lot about homelessness in Canada. In fact, this particular social issue caught my attention at first as it affects hundred of thousands of Canadians every year, and a lot more around the world. Moreover, I felt homelessness was an important issue as it can affect anybody. In fact, anybody can become homeless at one point in his or her life, which I believe makes it a social issue that needs addressing.  

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This article is about the effect playing video games can have on a student’s grades.

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The children of today are exposed to the Internet, and all of its wonders, far more than ever before. Is this ever increasing usage of the worldwide-web a positive or is it hindering the long-term development of these youths?

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February 17th 2014 Ending the Death Penalty by Dale. S  Recinella Is the death penalty necessary? After 1976, when the death penalty was reinstated, innocent people were wrongly convicted (Recinella, 2008, p.12). According to many churches, if there is no other way to protect innocent law-abiding citizens the death penalty shall be used (Recinella, 2008, p. 13). I believe that the death penalty is ineffective.  

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    In an article from Sports Illustrated by Tom Verducci he explains the harm that steroids have had on the world of sports. There are many things that he states and shows that can lead you to believe how they have negatively effected society. Mainly in baseball PED's or Performance Enhancing Drugs have changed the way the game is played just for them to become one of the elite players. Verducci also focuses on what goes through the mind of a player using the drugs and what provoked them to begin using them.

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Megan Griffith-Greene posted an article on the Montreal CBC news online, “Sports drinks unnecessary, counterproductive for most people” on January 31st, 2014. This article explains how many of us intake energy drinks after doing our workouts. However, it is proven that the energy drinks do not necessarily benefit everyone. A CBC marketplace research shows that most Canadians have an energy drink after their workout; however they do not need one. Energy drinks are not needed for those who workout at an average level for their age.

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   In the high school I attended to, any kinds of electrical devices were banned in the school. Technically speaking, we weren’t allowed to listen to music in the hallways during break, or while eating. Listening to music was not possible at all inside the school. Music has so many advantages on our mind and body, I do not understand why the school would ban music even while we weren’t in classes. I understand that music can distract students while the teacher is teaching and it’s disrespectful, but students should be allowed to listen to music while in breaks or at lunch hours.

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In CÉGEP, students’ global academic performance is evaluated by the R-Score. To attribute numbers to students has the effect of categorizing them in a linear way. The R-Score that you obtain determines if you are poor, good enough, or excellent, and it does not take into consideration any of your personality traits. This means that your acceptance into different university programs only depends on this number that is attributed to you. The importance that is given to the R-Score encourages competition between students, and so individual success.

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In South Sudan, a cease-fire has been signaled for a short period of time between the government of South Sudan and the rebels, which is a positive thing, but it is only the first step of solutions to a civil war and that in the following weeks, there should be real negotiations between both parties so they can reach a peace agreement. Furthermore, neighboring countries and global powers, including the United States and China and the United Nations are putting significant pressure on the parties to reach an agreement fearing that the war will escalate into a wider regional conflict.

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On the Israeli-palestinian boarder fence, the Israeli military killed a gaza man and wounded 6 more. Israeli militants said that the group of Palestinians dangered the fence, hurled rocks and rolled burning tires at the soldiers at the scene. Ashraf al-Qedra, a spokesman for the Hamas Health Ministry said that after the one palestinian died, israeli troops fired towards a dozen people that were in a refugee camp in support of farmers who have fields near the fence separating the palestinians from Israel.

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