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In the article ‟Humans causing catastrophic ecosystems shifts, study finds”, the author, Thomson Reuters, discusses that human dominance over the natural environment has caused many changes in world ecosystems. Human activities have a devastating impact on ecosystems. As the author mentioned, the damage and exploitation of wildlife and natural vegetation by human beings has left ecosystems in bad shape. Unfortunately, at least 468 creatures have been eliminated from the planet since 1990, including the Costa Rican golden and Yangtze.

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     The purpose of the Dennis Dimick’s article; “As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?” in the National Geographic was to bring to light the current and future issues relating to our populations increasing growth rates, our consumption increase, the factors behind these issues and viable solutions.

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  Summary The article I chose is about the will of Saudi Arabia, under Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to start investing money in solar energy to diversify economy and become a world power in clean energy. Even if Saudi Arabia is the world biggest exporter, they see potential in clean energy. The new solar farms soon in construction will create hundreds of jobs and will be able to provide electricity to around 40 000 homes. The country plans to invest 7 billion dollars in those farms by the end of the year.

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