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Get the Hell out of Here: No mixed couples allowed

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Ernest Owens published an article May 13th, 2015, titled ‘Now Is the Time to Start Talking About Racism in the LGBT Community’, which discusses the inherent lack of people of color in the queer community. At this moment, the United States are determining whether or not the population will be able to marry the opposite gender in all states, but the next issue should be the representation of people of color in the queer community.

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House for Rent: Not you, you’re Native

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On December 13, 2013 the CBC news released an article published by The Associated Press discussing the idea of child euthanasia. It turns out that in Belgium legislation has been proposed to legalize euthanasia for children under limited circumstances. If the law is to pass, it states that children who are in excruciating pain or children who are suffering from a terminal illness may submit a written document stating that they wish to go through with the euthanasia and that the child acknowledges the consequences.

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Freedom of speech is a right that has been sought after by many societies, in any political system, and has been sought in any measure possible. In Harry Starling's article "Freedom of speech is right to express unpopular views," he talks about how freedom of speech has been threatened by governments, which have imposed their own policies, laws, and charters, that may go against basic rights of freedom of speech, whether it is in a developing country, or not, the lack of freedom can cause moral problems.

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