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Many people now are getting the knowledge and lessons on raping and the shooting in schools which would show that how bad it is and what can happen if you did do it in the future, which people would get scared of the result and not do it or even think of it anymore. It should be the same in adults that there is a program that shows them what could happen if they did the worst thing like a shooting at a school and killing a certain number of people or raping someone. Whihc the results are going to jail or facing serious consequences.

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As an official gamer myself, i would say that no we are not getting isolated of some sort we just like to be in front of our console and play when we want too unless your the actual nerd who plays 24/7 and doesnt stop. For the topic about the girls in games, i totally agree with that like you can also say that the girls are portrayed as trophies as well like in GTA you can go to the strip and see the girls and throw money and they are portrayed as toys or boy-toys which isnt good for our society and guys will think thats the right thing to do.

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I totally agree with what your saying about the idea of them not educating them enough because they do in the preseason keep on doing the drug tests and check everything about it and not anything about rape (or maybe a little). One way to fix it would be what you suggested by them getting women to go in and do a speech for why it is bad and what are the consequences for it and you could go to jail. Just like the case with Adrian Peterson the running back for the vikings, he raped his wife and they did suspend it for a couple of matches, why cant they do that in the NHL as well.

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In recent years, domestic and sexual abuse has become more evident in the NHL. The most notable stories to have surfaced are those about Semyon Varlamov and Slava Voynov. Both of these men were accused of abusing their partner, and Varlamov was ultimately let off the hook without a single repercussion.

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                In 2014 the internet started to simmer about “ethics in journalism”, specifically about the misconduct of a game developer who allegedly slept with a journalist so that he would give her a good review. Soon after, twitter exploded with flurry of vitriol and #Gamergate hashtag, due in part to articles like Gamasutra’s “'Gamers' don't have to be your audience. 'Gamers' are over.”. The article begins by defining Gamers as young consumerist white men who have become toxic and isolated from society and even the future of gaming itself.

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