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The article “The gender pay gap” published on The Economist explores the pay disparities between men and women. It is difficult for women to even find jobs because of what they call the “motherhood penalty”. Many employers will not hire a woman if she is planning on having children because than she will need to take time off and possibly afterwards reduce her hours of work to care for her child. Meghan, who always wanted to be a mother, worked hard in school to achieve a good career for her future.

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Candice Malcolm, writer of news article “Our free speech is already under attack”, believes that freedom of speech is essential for a free society. She says it is not only about sharing oppositions to opinions you don’t agree with, rather, it’s purpose is to civilly debate with others on subjects including those we do not agree with. Debates are learning experiences, they expose people to different perspectives other than their own. Moreover, Canadians are united by the ability to take criticism from others and through the understanding of opposing views.

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The article “Capital Punishment” written by Paul Gendreau and Wayne Renke explores the road to the death penalty abolition in Canada. In 1749, Peter Cartcel, a sailor, was hanged two days after his conviction for killing a man. Later, Robert Bickerdike, a Member of Parliament proposed a private bill suggesting the abolishment of capital punishment; it was rejected. The last two executed in Canada were Robert Turpin and Arthur Lucas in 1962.

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Marital rape has been criminalised in most of the world since the 20th century, except for India. The article, “The marital rape debate” exhibits the very common issue of sexual abuse. Marital rape is when a spouse forces non consensual intercoarse upon their partner. Right now, domestic violence is considered a crime, thus, debate arose on if domestic sexual abuse should be punishable by law in India.

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“The federal government can’t Standby when minority rights are being trampled” is the name of Andrew Coyne article published on Montreal Gazette.  Quebec’s bill 62 is widely shamed, by all and contradictory. This law promotes “neutrality,” but it targets one religion, Muslims. It bans them from wearing their traditional religious symbols, like the niqab and burka that Muslim women wear. For the law to not be discriminatory, it spreads to other face-covering, like sunglasses, which are not related to any religion. The law implies anyone using public services.

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This article discusses about before the Bill legalizing physician assisted suicide became legal in Canada. As an undergraduate medical student back in the 1970's, the author mentions that doctors were very uncomfortable with the idea of euthanasia. Ethical reasons were implied and when specialists had no choice but to ''pull the plug'' when the patient had no hope of survival, also worried specialists since it wasn't officially legal. The author brang in the term ''indirect euthanasia'', that was used before ''passive euthanasia'', which was concluded to be an ''appropriate care''.

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In this article, Roberts explains on how the youth are socially pressured by mainly the media. He targets mainly young girls since they are most likely to be the victims of oversexualization. The author pointed out that girls nowadays, feel as if they need to be sexually attractive or else, they feel invisible to society. If they don't ressemble the societal standards, it leads them to having for example: eating disorders, low self-esteem or/and depression.

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After Trump’s policy that aimed to ban transgenders from military services, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said that the transgender service members who sued the government were likely to win and that there was no valid argument on why there should be a ban, therefore, she advocated for the return to the initial situation. Trump had ordered that all who were found to be transgender should be discharged, countering Obama’s policy allowing them to serve.   

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A 17-year-old undocumented pregnant teen has been withheld from getting an abortion while in a Texas shelter for abandoned minors. The Trump Administration has been fighting against a court decision to allow the procedure. In court documents, she has been named Jane Doe and she was still able to proceed with pre-abortion counselling because of a Texas law, which took place on October 19.

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While playing “Call of Duty” on XBOX live, many verbal exchanges that gamers have with each other in the voice chat contain hate speech. The insults they throw at their peers, or sometimes even teammate, are often racist, homophobic or sexist. The vocabulary used in those conversations would shock most of the players’ parents. Some game makers were then forced to place countermeasures to eradicate the growing phenomenon.

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The news article “Toronto students reconsider Quebec universities after Bill 62” expresses how Bill 62 is forcing many students to re-evaluate getting an education in the province of Quebec. This new law prohibits people who wear face coverings from receiving any sort of public service, whether it be provincial or municipal. This new bill prompts debate for if it is targeting Muslim women. Many individuals say that the initiation of Bill 62 gives the impression that Muslims are not welcome in the province of Quebec anymore.

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