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Equal education is something that is really important in today’s world. As well as being a basic human right, education is the key to health and economic improvement. It also provides everyone the ability to read, write and to better understand the world that surrounds them. Everybody should have access to the right of learning and of developing their abilities to the maximum. Unfortunately, the lack of equality in today’s world prevents certain people from going to school. Indeed, girls in many underdeveloped countries do not have access to a good education.

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There are a lot of “eye-catching buildings” in Japan. For example, castles, temples, shrines, high towers, modern buildings and other traditional buildings. Today, I would like to introduce an eye-catching “bridge”. If you see the bridge, you may feel excited. “The great Seto Ohashi Bridge” is the eye-catching bridge in Japan. Most of you may not know about the bridge, so I’ll explain the basic information of the bridge, the history, and how to enjoy it.

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Lately, the question about legalizing the accessible drug and bad drug that is marijuana in our country has been brought in the discussions of many people. First of all, it’s important to know that marijuana has many bad effects on people. It is actually really damaging for  the brain and it can also develop many bad diseases such has mental illnesses and even some physical pain. Nobody would wand to live with that. Second of all, with the marijuana that could become legal in our country, people could easily develop an addiction.

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