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          Gender transition, nowadays a frequent topic due to the multiple confessions of ‘not feeling good in one's own skin', has become an issue in many countries with regard to its legalization while conforming to one's culture and beliefs. More accepted in open countries, such as America, Canada, and Australia, transsexuality is, however, a crucial matter in regions with a stricter background with tradition and religion.

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       The increase in numbers of babies born with microcephaly in Brazil are unquestionably striking. In 2014, less than 150 cases of microcephaly were reported while, since only October of  2015, the Brazilian minister of health has reported 3450 cases of children born with an abnormally small head (n.a., Le Brésil s'attaque au virus Zika).  With the Zika virus outbreak in the region around the same period of time, a link between the Zika virus and children born with microcephaly is presently being investigated by researchers.

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In a world where being vegan has now become trendy, some of us are questioning meat consumption and as always, we face the eternal moral dilemma between eating meat or not. Despite our heritage  of proud Canadian producers,  it seems like we are starting to change our consumer's habits: according to a Globe and Mail article, the profit margins in the food industry dropped by nearly 1% this year.

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You are lying in the hospital bed, weak, in pain, knowing that there is nothing left for you than to just wait. Wait for death to come to you. Would you want the option to end your suffering there?

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At a quick glance, it’s clear to see that this Mr. Clean advertisement reinforces basic gender stereotypes. Mom is cleaning, while dad… Well, we don’t actually know where dad is in this picture. The image depicts a woman and her daughter happily cleaning on what is supposed to be a relaxing day off, Mother’s Day. This advertisement is insinuating that women should always be cleaning and looking after their family, even on their days off or a day that is meant to be celebrating them. It’s a reminder to them that their role in the household is to clean and do housework.

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