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My project proposal about after-school programs and use of those programs to provide better opportunities for our kids. In this economy New York City is planning to cut the budget allocated to after-school programs that will affect kids in the communities and also their parents. Kids will have nowhere to go after the school ends and they might pick up bad behavior if they stay on the streets. Some of the parents have to work and won’t be able to pick up their kids right after school, they relying on those programs to keep their kids busy until they get off work.

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I want to introduce about the company of Tadashi Yanai. He is the reader of UNIQLO. UNIQLO is famous casual fashion brand in Japan. There are more than 800 shops in the world. And it is famous in all around the world. When Tadashi was a university student, he didn’t have his own dream. So he inherited his father’s business. His father is the reader of a little cloth company in small town. In there, he found the badness of the efficiency. So he tried to improve it.

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I would like to talk about TOYOTA Motor Corporation that is company of the car. It is very famous company in Japan. It was made by Toyota Sakichi in 1933. He was always thinking that his dream is to develop everything when he was childhood. Therefore, he liked to develop.

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Japanese omi merchants is very famous in japan. Because omi merchants is a model of Japanese many company. For example, Takasimaya, Fujisaki, Toyota and so on.

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     I would like to tell you about Omi Merchants. Omi Merchants is very famous Japanese company. For example Mitsubishi and so on companies. So I want to tell you about YAMAHA Corporation. This is the famous for music instrument and motor bike and it is aware of the world.

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Hello. I' m from Osaka. I have lived in Osaka since I was child, so I have lived in Osaka for about 20years. Today I will talk about my home town Osaka.

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I think that we should learn English hard, because we have stayed in this university for seven month, but most students can’t use English. Skills improve, but it is not sufficient for us. I will explain why do I think so. When we went to Thailand, we too classes with Thailand’s students. I think that Thailand’s students would learn English as same as times to us. However, they were better than us. They weren’t same us. I was shocked and mortifying. When I did presentation in the class. I also was surprised at them then. We usually write sentences on Power point when we give presentation.

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I would like to write about cool Japan, in particular, “Vending machine”. We can’t find vending machine in foreign countries, because there is no vending machine there. Wherever you want to buy juice or beer, you can buy it anywhere. Vending machine is very convenient and useful, so Japanese people use it. I have heard, “Vending machine is very cool, because we can buy and drink wherever we want”, foreigners said. Then, I was very glad to hear that and I thought that vending machines look very cool for foreign people.

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