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As much as society would like to peg woman as a leading cause for "de-masculization" it seems that more and more its the realization of young men that the roles society has determined for them are not as glamourous as Hollywood makes them out to be. Why is it that stoic is the best attribute to discribe strength? The lack of feeling something, anything really, is what makes men more "manly".  Not being able to face or accept their emoptions is what seperates them from being a wuss or a pussy. Emotional pain is what makes humans capable of compation and empathy, is it not?

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            Uproar of powerful emotions from the general public has arisen after the unarmed shooting of Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri.  But this time, feminists have stepped up to the plate on talking about racism.  In the article ‘Feminists Take on Race and Police Conduct Post-Ferguson’ written by Ruth Tam (published in the Washington Post on September 1st), it explains how Caucasian feminists are beginning to realize and acknowledge how much race has an impact on women’s lives.  Before, Caucasian feminists have put an extreme emphasis on gender inequality and income inequality be

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How many times has a man complained that their wife or girlfriend takes too long to get ready? We know, we know, you love them for who they are not what they look like but did you ever stop to wonder that the face they're so delicately painting on isn't for you? Media has constructed a view of the ideal woman that coincidentally is an unattainable perfection. The vast amount of knowledge the internet contains is a whirlpool of toxic information of how to obtain being beautiful and critics on how you aren't that by being yourself.

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