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Men have been portrayed to be violent and continuously so but can we blame on a single fact such as video games and/or how we’ve been raised? Sure, our parents and grandparents have seen some tormenting things in their childhood. Though we aren’t being conflicted with same issues, men are pressured to fit in as a man. To take up the role of being of man, with the knowledge of what it consists, or so we believe. “A man doesn’t cry or feel pain. A man must protect not be protected”. I know I’ve heard this before along with many other words. Who are we to classify who is or isn’t a man?

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This article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted By Police” talks about a young black teenager who got shot by police in Missouri. Ever since this incident happened African Americans in that area feel like there are tense relations between them and the police. This young boy who was shot while walking in his home town by a white police officer. Not only was this teenager shot but also killed by those gun shots then later on caused a riot in his home town. It was said the officer had no reasons to shoot, that boy was unarmed.

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                I’ve had the same girlfriend for almost four years now and she has been a victim of an eating disorder called Bulimia Nervosa. This problem of hers originated from multiple reasons that we are covering in my Gendered World Views class such as rape and the views “perfect” body. Although the actual reasons of this illness are still unknown, they have theories behind them.  Witnessing this amount of pressure of a young woman struggling for success; believing she is never good enough for no man nor society pains me.

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