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Tim Fontaine writes an article called “destroying personal accounts of residential schools would just compound the tragedy.” The author states that books give facts, but the accounts of each child that attended residential school have a story. Fontaine said that it’s sad to see the Supreme Court rule in favor of erasing these records. There are 38,000 testimonies of survivors of abuse and misery. These documents state’s the author, are proof of the reality that happened in these residential schools with precise details. It is a dark chapter in Canadian history.

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“Montreal adds Iroquois symbol to flag, Strips British general of the street name,” says Benjamin Shingler in his article posted on CBC News. One step forward for appreciating the impact of indigenous people that helped build this city. Furthermore, they will rename an existing street to an indigenous figure instead of a British general named Jeffery Amherst. The Mayor of Montreal added a white pine tree at the center of the flag which represents the Iroquois. This revelation happened on the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples.

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“The federal government can’t Standby when minority rights are being trampled” is the name of Andrew Coyne article published on Montreal Gazette.  Quebec’s bill 62 is widely shamed, by all and contradictory. This law promotes “neutrality,” but it targets one religion, Muslims. It bans them from wearing their traditional religious symbols, like the niqab and burka that Muslim women wear. For the law to not be discriminatory, it spreads to other face-covering, like sunglasses, which are not related to any religion. The law implies anyone using public services.

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The Anglophones are exhausted, says an article in the Montreal Gazette. Gary D. Shapiro the author of “Forty Years After Bill 101, Anglophones are Tired, Apathetic” says that the OQLA (Office Québécois de la langue anglaise) was established in 1996 because the English language in Quebec was disappearing. In 2017, the OQLA is closing its doors, and the reason is lack of empathy. The author argues that it is important to show the injustice and abuse by the OQLF (Office Québécois de la langue française).

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