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There are many benefits of studying law as a social science. By studying law as a social science, we can see law from a different point of view. Studying law as a social science allows us to observe how people, and ourselves react under law. For example, we can look at statistics of how many people were speeding or even how many people committed crimes of murder under certain periods of time when laws were different then they are now. With those statistics, we can also examine how many people that were male or female committed those crimes.

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A law can be defined as a rule or guideline put in place by a higher power to ensure the safety of citizens and as a way of promoting justice. As a society we typically obey all laws that are intelligible (easily understood). These laws are present to protect us in ways that prevent us from being put in harmful or dangerous situations. Every law has a purpose and that purpose is usually to make our lives safer. For example, trespassing laws are put in place to prevent others from entering private property without permission.

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The law is recognized within our society because the law is something that we must obey and follow. The laws are there for us to obey because if we did not have any sort of structure to follow people would roam from free and do whatever they wanted to do. The laws give our society a form of peace in ways because the laws give us rules and regulations to follow, and clearly outlines the rights and wrongs of our society. The laws are put into place because they are there to questions people minds of what do I think is right and wrong, and what do I risk if I get involved.

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Blog Post 1 Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular basis?

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