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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when you watch the news and hear about mass murdering or even a simple murder done by a man of color, society immediately needs to point out and emphasize the fact that the crime’s motives must be linked to his ethnicity, faith or culture. As if the crime and the man themselves are overshadowed by the fact that the perpetrator is not white, and then suddenly his actions speak for the entirety of his race or religion.

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The article “The Good, Racist People” By Ta-Nehisi Coates from the New York Times brings up an event that occurred to Forest Whitaker in a Manhattan delicatessen.  One of the delicatessen’s employees stopped Whitaker and said he had shoplifted from their deli. The employee searches him immediately and comes up with nothing. An interview with the owner of the deli shows that the owner was apologetic but states the employee was “‘a decent man’ who was ‘just doing his job.’” The author of the article then speaks about a growing feeling of distance towards the deli he once thought as good.

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In the article “Racism is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About it” by Craig and Marc Kielburger they talk about racism still being around in Canada and almost any “race” is subjectable to it. They start off by talking about Canada’s minister for Multiculturalism and how he was a subject of racism in an Edmonton tennis club for being a Canadian Sikh.  He overheard a woman whispering about how she can’t believe the tennis club was allowing Sikhs to become members and continued on by saying she doesn’t believe that the minister had a job.

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