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2014, Russia. The city of Sochi gets ready for the Winter Olympics that will take place within its walls. These Olympic Games raise debate since they are the most expensive in history (Gibson “Sochi 2014”). However, the outrageous price of the Sochi Olympics is not the only controversy surrounding the events. All around the world, gay rights activists protest against the new Russian law that bans the “promotion of ‘non-traditional’ sexuality” (“Sochi 2014”). Athletes and supporters from many countries denounce what they consider an unacceptable form of discrimination.

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            Paris, April 2011: a woman gets fined for wearing niqab (Chrisafis). She is the first Muslim woman to get stopped by the police in a public place since the ban on face covering was voted by the French senate in September 2010 (Robitaille). On that fall, France created a major controversy, being the first country in history to prohibit concealment of the face in public space. A battle between secularism of the collectivity and individual freedom of religion started then and has been going on since.

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