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Drones, or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) tend to have a negative connotation due to their implication in military and spy usage, but surely we know there is much more to drones than that. Drones are used in various domains and applications such as for hurricane hunting, 3-D mapping, wildlife protection, agriculture even for search and rescue (Handwerk).

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After viewing the film Facing Extremism (, post a reponse that addresses your understanding of "extremism." In this response, you should include a discussion of the definition of extremism you found for the last NewsActivist assignment.  An example of a post might be this: Initially, when I read the definition of "extremism," I found that __.  I thought this definition was too broad because ___.

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       The increase in numbers of babies born with microcephaly in Brazil are unquestionably striking. In 2014, less than 150 cases of microcephaly were reported while, since only October of  2015, the Brazilian minister of health has reported 3450 cases of children born with an abnormally small head (n.a., Le Brésil s'attaque au virus Zika).  With the Zika virus outbreak in the region around the same period of time, a link between the Zika virus and children born with microcephaly is presently being investigated by researchers.

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The Syrian refugee crisis has been a long going humanitarian problem in which many countries around the world are offering their aid to help the numerous Syrians fleeing their country. This crisis has emerged back in 2011, when a civil war has begun between the Syrian rebel forces and Assad’s government forces. With the emergence of the terrorist group ISIS, it has only accentuated the departure of many Syrian refugees (“Syria: The story of the conflict.”).

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