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    Political parties provide the basis for Canadian government. Each party presents some ideological vu on our society or on certain values that promise better future for our society. One of them is Canada’s communist party which is fighting for socialistic ideology in Canada for about 40 years since 1992.

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  Scientists who were trying to determine the age of an ocean quahog discovered that it was 507 years old, but by doing so, they killed it!

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  School, school and once more school! Everyone passes through this period of their lifetime.  During their first semester on campus, many students confront different challenges which either they are able to surmount or else, they are not.

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Discovery after discovery….! A secret swallowed up in the silence of a tree   Among thousands of discoveries being done in different channels for different historical objectives, this was the one that astounded me the most. Just an incredible accidentally discovered tree which appears to have guarded in its roots a whole historical valuable object. 

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Early illnesses, health problems and death! The cause? …Our poisonous food that is so delicious!!! Chips, hamburgers, hot-dogs, pizzas, etc. Restaurant fast food has replaced ancient home-cooking tradition! It has changed our mentality so that, now in 2015, a big percentage of people consider home-cooking as being an absolute waste of time. So they do as they keep going to restaurants! And this delicious food they find there appears to be the cause of their future health problems.

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Over the past few months, I've heard a lot about parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. Even some celebrities, including Jenny McCarthy, are jumping on the bandwagon. Now, the Australian government is pushing for a bill where parents who don't vaccinate their children won't get any child care or other care payments. "The choice made by some families not to vaccinate their children is not supported by public policy or medical research, nor should such action be supported by taxpayers in the form of family payments" 

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It is not just about ENVIRONMENT being in danger, it is about HUMAN RACE!   For many years, the environmental crisis continues to be on the top of the most discussed issues. It is the same, nowadays! Among million environmental problems caused by human interaction with nature, we are now standing in front of an enormous problem which taxes our intellectual capacity and sagacity to the utmost when thinking a bit about what are we finally doing.

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Young and stronger Scientist Brains sprout out in our new generation in 2015! This is the proof!   We all are living in the era of sciences! Thousand and thousand scientists are working everyday on doing discoveries in different channels for improving human lives in million and billion various ways whether directly or incidentally. Take a look at this! You will be left stupefied, I assure you! This will struck you as being a remarkable mixture of the possible and the impossible!

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Everyone knows that the technology is progressing with an incredible speed. Nowadays, we can find new discoveries that our precedent generations have never dreamed about. One of these new technological innovations are of course robots. So what does this article talk about?

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