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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when you watch the news and hear about mass murdering or even a simple murder done by a man of color, society immediately needs to point out and emphasize the fact that the crime’s motives must be linked to his ethnicity, faith or culture. As if the crime and the man themselves are overshadowed by the fact that the perpetrator is not white, and then suddenly his actions speak for the entirety of his race or religion.

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The article “The Business Case for Diversity in the Tech Industry” by Farhad Manjoo in the New York Times from September 26, 2014 explains why Google has such a strong desire to have cultural diversity amongst employees. For this multinational corporation, what they call “diversity” is essential since it is a key element for their business’s performance and success. Google sees diversity from a different perspective than most companies do. For them, hiring people from different origins is more than a simple desire to be politically correct.

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The article ‘’White teacher win $350K in Racial-Bias case’’ by Neal Colgrass in the Newser from August 9, 2014 explains that a black principal said harsh racist comments about white teachers and fired one of them for no valid reason.

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In the article “If The Supreme Court Says Racism Is Pretty Much Over, Why Are So Many People Still Being So Racist?’ from the Huffington Post in April 29th 2014, authors Nick Wing and Shadee Ashtar discuss how racism is still very much present today even if people like to say that it is not. In June of 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to remove an important part of the Voting Rights Act that was made to prevent discrimination. The vote was split 5-4, the 5 being in favor of removing that part of the Voting Rights Act.

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The article ‘’Teacher’s lesson about racism offends his bosses’’ by John Kass in the Chicago Tribune from June 5th, 2014 explains that a teacher was put on administrative leave from school because he taught ‘’racism’’ to kids.

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