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Writing a News Report A news report is a journalistic text which contains facts only. It informs the reader of what is happening in his town. It is very important because it is a neutral source of information and it contains verified facts only. The following text is a process description of how to write a news report. The first part is about the main components of the text, then will be a step by step explanation and some important advices.  

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There are countless ways to write a book review, and most reviewers have their own format. But, to work with this magazine, it is essential to use a specific structure. Customers love the way the book reviews are made each day in the magazine, which is why we are asking for this particular format. First of all, an introduction needs to be done. Next, in the first paragraph of the review the magazine asks for a description paragraph. Then, the opinion part can begin for the next part. Afterwards, the review is about the writing style of the author and then, it ends with a conclusion.

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In the current political climate, people are right to ask themselves if our democracy is still legitimate. With Donald Trump’s threats against the press and the growing popularity of alt-right movements and conservative populism, we need journalism more than ever before. To really report the truth in a political system filled with hypocrisy, journalists must understand their role in democracy, must know how to contribute to it with efficiency and must be able to react properly against outrageous influences from the political sphere. The Journalist

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