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     Over a year ago, I started volunteering on a monthly basis with Greenpeace, the Phare de Longeuil working with homeless people, and the Santropol Roulant collaborating with elderly and xenophobic people. I always really enjoyed it, but recently, I came to realize that I wanted to engage myself into a greater commitment, something that would maybe not reach a lot of people, but that could have a greater impact on one individual. I wanted to meet and share with someone experiencing a different reality, or at least, more than I was used to.

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When I tell people I am volunteering to help the environment, one of two reactions occur. Either they fully support me and encourage me or they tell me in despair that they don’t believe my actions will do much good in the grand scheme of things. The weird thing is, no one seems to be opposed to the idea of being environmentally conscious. This semester, I have had two main volunteer projects ongoing. The first was the collection of signatures for a petition that aims to preserve biodiversity. The second was to help the plight of the monarch butterfly which is facing extinction.

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Together, we can make the difference   Original Title: Doctors to prescribe monkey bars over medication Date of publication: April 22nd, 2015 Author: James Foster  

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Original title: In the future, doctors may tell you take two 'doses of nature' and call in the morning Author: Ariana Eunjeung Cha Date of publication: April 8th, 2015 < >  

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Health and youth: Helping children make you feel better, so why not?   Original Title: Disabled children 'left in pain' Date of publication: February 18t, 2015 Ruth Clegg  

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Achieving a health conscious diet has been increasingly popular over the last decade. People have been more critical of what foods they have been eating. A substantial amount of companies have been promoting their products to be healthy and high in nutrients and vitamins. They are defining their products as “all natural”; when in reality the ingredients in these products do not make an appropriate fit for their definition.  This was the case for Kashi, a company (owned by Kellogg’s) that is branded as “healthy” which sells cereals, granola bars and crackers.

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Little girls from around the globe grow up watching Disney and aspire to be a future princess. I have myself grown up constantly watching Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella. The Disney franchise has a dominating presence in our children’s lives. This then leads for the franchise to have an immense influence on our children’s perception of what is right, what is wrong, and most importantly for young girls, what they should expect when they are older. Disney has provided a very distinct image of the female characters in their movies.

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Original title: One Woman Is Helping Children in Shelters Realize Their Dreams with a Camera Lens Author: Alexandra  Zaslow Date of publication: January 11th, 2015  

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As published in the Montreal Gazette on March 5th, 2015 in an article called “Quebec renews $9-million investment to fight poverty” written by the journalist Geoffrey Vendeville, the Quebec government decided to renew its investment of 9 million against poverty but also social exclusion in the city of Montreal. They first wanted to reduce that budget but after many discussions they decided to give it again this year. Last year, this amount of money helped an estimation of 350,000 people in need.

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“Dog recovering after being shot, tied to train tracks in Florida” by The Associated Press published March 15, on CTV News.

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Original Titile:Raise the smoking age? Report predicts big health benefits if we do Written by: Joseph Netto Appeared in CNN news Published on friday March 13th 2015  

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The Defi Sportif is a big event that takes place during 7 days in Montreal every year in April-May. There are 14 sports and the city welcomes more than 5 000 handicapped teenagers from everywhere around the world. There more than 1 200 volunteers to help for the concretization of this project every year. The organizations need people volunteering in many places such as the airport, hotels around Montreal and most of them are the principal place where almost all sports are, at the Centre Sportif Pierre-Charbonneau in Montreal.

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Education Debate This “Super-post” will be about the education in Quebec in comparison with the education in USA. To write this post I used four different sources to have the complete description of how is the education system and I also needed the cost of the fees to give you a better idea about the education system and advantages in both countries.  

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Original title: Should you juice? Fans of detox diet call it a health 'reboot'Date of Publication: Monday, October 7th, 2013                                                                                                                                                     Alexander Mandez  

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Article: “Why aren’t Canadians camping anymore?” by Adam Bisby, published on February 9, 2015 on The Globe and Mail. Link:   In my family, like many others, camping serves as a calming release from the fast-pace mentality of urban society. 

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Daily Mail Original title: Nike workers 'kicked, slapped and verbally abused' at factories making Converse Author: Daily Mail Reporter Date of Publication: July 13, 2011, 13:47, GMT    

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There are multiple countries with intelligence agencies which gather vast amounts of data, one of the most know intelligence agency is the NSA (National Security Agency).

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Original title: Quebec takes steps to protect pets from shock collars, prongs Global News, Quebec Politics   By Billy Shields Reporter Global News                                                                                                    Published on July 7th, modified on July 14th 2014  

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