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      Beagan and Etowa’s (2009) study explored the relationship between African origins and occupational activities. To do so, the authors interviewed 50 African Nova Scotian women between the age of 40 and 65 years old. While other research focused on one particular place or event, Beagan and Etowa decided to study the more general damages of everyday racism. Everyday racism can be defined as routine. Indeed, they are simple, small comment that can be made as a joke.

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In society, today, females have a higher graduation rate than males, meaning that females tend to have a higher level of education than males in the working industry. Although this is true females still tend to earn less money than males. Occupations that are generally outnumbered by women are paid less than occupations outnumbered by men. This gender inequality between occupations creates a large wage gap between males and females today.

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One might think that in 2016 racist acts are exaggerated or even created from A to Z by minorities. However, big companies like Walmart, Abercrombie and Fox News proved us that racism is real and omnipresent in society by making headlines with incredibly racist comments or simply by being discriminatory towards minority groups. Let’s concentrate on one of many Fox News’ case, which seems to be a leader in racism.

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Colin Kaepernick, 49ers quarterback, took the country by storm with his decision to kneel down during the performance of the National Anthem at the beginning of the football game in attempt to protest all of the injustices put forth by police officers and their wrongdoing by supposedly targeting African Americans and using unjustified excessive force. In TIME Magazine’s article by John Mcwhorter, people are being accused of not seeing the larger point because they do not know the real definition of patriotism.

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In the new Versace ad promoting their new handbag is conveying many messages. The first message that comes to mind while looking at this picture is that a woman is only going to be interested in a guy if he buys her a Versace handbag which implies that a woman is a “gold digger”. There is one woman in the picture in contrast to 6 guys that seem to all try to get her attention because she is looking away which suggests that women are not even going to be interested by a man if he does not buy here a Versace handbag.

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As a Caucasian girl who has blonde hair and blue eyes, I have never, in my eighteen years of life, experienced any form of racism. However, I have witnessed friends and coworkers being discriminated and not receiving the same treatment as me, just because their skin colour was darker than mine. I believe that, in a modern society like ours, skin tone should not be an issue anymore.  

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