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There are a few gendered perspectives that can be considered while looking at the R v Ghomeshi case. This case originally came to mind because all charges were dropped, making me think of the difficulty for victims to come forward and not being believed versus a man being considered guilty as soon as there is an accusation. Sexual assault is a serious crime, so not being believed and being considered guilty upon accusation are both a problem.

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            An extremely popular villain that both conforms and differs with elements of gendered perspectives in criminology is Harley Quinn. There are many portrayals of this character, and many types of media in which she appears. Harley Quinn appears in comics, animated films, and recently, the movie “Suicide Squad” The portrayal of the character in “Suicide Squad” seemed quite obvious in the trailers. Considering the portrayal of Harley Quinn in a less known movie seemed like an interesting idea.

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