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  Racial profiling is an issue that has been plaguing this country for centuries, however today lives are being taken for the blatant ignorance of the ones who are supposed to keep us safe. Black Lives Matter is a movement that promotes the importance of the lives of African American people being executed by police. Eric Garner is an example of a young black unarmed man being targeted and killed for simply no reason at all.

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Do we as individuals choose what we look like or is it decided for us by our judgmental form of society? From eating disorders, issues concerning body image, and exploitation of beauty standards, society's definition of perfection is not only unrealistic and harmful, but ultimately corrupted. Athletes like Serena Williams and Misty Copeland are advocates for ending the use of hurtful body shaming in the media and strongly believe that we need to rethink our ideals of female beauty.

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Race: More Than Just Race  

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